PhD and Master students:

We have two fully supported PhD openings and partially funded master openings. More details please see the pdf.


Project 1: Modeling and control of soft robots

  1. BS or MS degree in the field of mechanical engineering, computer science, physics, electrical engineering, Civil engineering, or similar.
  2. Experiences or interests in at least one: dynamics modeling and control, machine learning, numerical computation, solid mechanics, or computer graphics.
  3. Preferred skills: MATLAB/Python/C++, FEA software (Abaqus/Ansys).

Project 2: Artificial-muscle-driven robots

  1. BS or MS degree in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, computer science, or similar.
  2. Experiences or interests in at least one: robotic mechanical design, quick prototyping, or mechatronics.
  3. Preferred skills: Microcontrollers (Arduino/Raspberry PI), SolidWorks, Linux, and ROS.
How to apply:

To apply, interested candidates should submit an application to Arizona State University via, specifying their interest in working with Prof. Sun. Additionally, they should send an email titled “Prospective Ph.D. Student” or “Prospective Master Student” to, attaching their CV and a cover letter before submitting their application.


We usually have several rounds of interviews. Please refer to the post: student admission process

We acknowledge that maintaining an inclusive environment requires ongoing and active effort, and we are dedicated to continually learning and improving our support for diversity and inclusion. We value the experiences and perspectives of all members of our community and believe that a diverse and inclusive culture is crucial for fostering excellence in research and achieving our goals

Undergraduate students:

We welcome undergraduate students who are interested in gaining research experience in the areas of robot design, microcontrollers, mechanics, and control. Due to the significant amount of training required, we prefer students who are interested in longer-term (one year or more) research projects. ASU undergraduate students are encouraged to email your interest and experience directly to Prof. Sun.

Q & A

What is the advising style? At Sun Robotics Lab, we are dedicated to nurturing creativity, promoting collaboration, and achieving academic excellence among our students. We strongly encourage collaboration among group members and with external teams. Each group member will have regular discussions with the PI regarding their research ideas and progress. We will assign an independent project/task to each incoming student. As students gain expertise in the field, we expect them to identify new and exciting research directions and lead their own projects. We will have a weekly group meeting to discuss research ideas and literature studies, and we will also set up a weekly or biweekly meeting with each group member to discuss their progress and provide individual support.

I am a K-12 student/teacher and would like information for a school report, tour, help with my robotics team, a research internship, etc. My students and I are very excited about using robotics as a teaching tool to encourage interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) topics. We actively involved in outreach and are have an outreach webpage to answer your questions.

Visiting scholars/summer research interns are welcome to email Prof. Sun directly for available opportunities.