Student Admission Interview

All students need to go through two rounds of interviews before they can be admitted into Sun Lab.

Frist interview - 15 mins (optional)

  • In the interview, I will ask some questions in terms of your education and research (project). I will also answer your questions.
  • The interview is 15 mins long through MicrsoftTeams. The interview could happen before or after the submission of the application.

Formal interview - 45 mins

  • In the interview, you will talk about your research or projects in detail.
  • 30 mins for your presentation. 15 mins for (Q&A) answering questions from the audience (me and students in the lab).
  • If you don’t have experience with research presentations, please refer to:

Additional interviews (e.g., paper presentation, coding assignment) could happen.


  1. Admission process: I don’t handel admission to the programs; I will decide if you will work in our lab. I can only see your application if you are admitted by the department. The department will make the decision based on your GPA, projects, TOEFL, and GRE.
  2. GRE and TOEFL: Your TOEFL should be at least 80 to meet the department’s requirement. We don’t have a minimum score for GRE.