Mission and Core Values

The mission of Sun robotics lab at ASU is to advance science and technology in robotics for addressing grand societal challenges in manufacturing, daily life, and health care. We are a highly interdisciplinary research group with expertise in design, modeling, and control. A major focus of our current research is the study of robotic actuation such as developing and controlling artificial muscle and artificial-muscle-driven robots. We aim to provide intelligent physical robotic embodiment for better integration with robot computational intelligence such as vision and high-level decision making.

Our lab is a people-first lab with the core values of: respect, understanding, transparency, and supportive! We not only train junior robotics engineers and researchers to conduct research on robotics, but more importantly support them to have a better life!

Sep 27, 2023 My paper on Embedded Shape-morphing Robots is published in Nature Communications!
Jun 1, 2023 I will start Sun Robotics Lab at ASU in 1/1/2024. We have fully supported PhD openings, please see the Join Us